Real-time connection monitoring

CC Monitoring

Check status of all your network equipment

CC Reports

Collects statistics and makes reports of monitorized equipment

Interested in making this app open source?
Write me an e-mail at ccsuite (@) stoian . eu
Or send me a messsage on facebook.

CC Monitoring, CC Reports and AliveCheck
create together a powerful application,
user friendly, that helps managing,
monitoring and generating reports
in computer networks.

Version was just released!!!
Documentation is coming soon!
Until then you can use your intuition to master this app.
- Changelog -
Download it from here!
The application is still in tests, if you want to report errors,
you can send an e-mail to: ccsuite (at) stoian . eu
Minimum requirements:
- Windows 7
- .NET Framework 4.5
- 512 MB RAM

Bonus! A little config generator: Download



AliveCheck uses "ping" to check the status of the connection from your PC to a node in the network.

CC Monitoring

The perfect module to use for monitoring and inventory of all your network equipment.

CC Reports

Creates reports and statistics that can be used in any activity from modern world.



- Checks availability of servers and network devices;
- See your network devices in a map on a nice and animated user interface;
- Hardware audit from all your devices;
- Checks supplies level and many other things...


- Utilization level of your monitored devices;
- Number of active users at a specified time;
- Faulty devices and other reports;